The Blog

What this blog is not and will not be:

  1. A self-help website
  2. Always positive
  3. A place of hiding

What this blog is and will be:

An open space dedicated to mentally processing the journey we are all on in my own unique way. Whether through poetry, photography, or random ponderings, perhaps you will find a bit of healing for yourself in the knowledge that you are not alone.

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| Who We Used to Be |

Crush me, bury me Lay me in the depths It would take a miracle to find another breathe Finally you are free I’ll find you underneath You’ll never experience rejection’s…

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1.02 – Don’t Leave Me

Let’s be real: It wouldn’t be a difficult decision to make. Why would anyone put up with this much vitriol? I look back at pictures and see someone full of life. Now I don’t recognize you in the mirror.

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And I will go if you ask me to / I will stay if you dare
And if I go I’m goin’ on fire / Let my anger take me there

Gregory Alan Isakov